What does AAL stand for?

AAL stands for Ambient or Active Asstisted Living, which means supported living in old age. AAL technologies are about enabling older people to maintain their autonomy and live at home for as long as possible with the help of devices and software developed specifically for them.


About AAL Products

The teams of the Institute for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism (University of Innsbruck) and Eurac Research (Bolzano) have identified the need for a freely usable catalogue of products and services in the context of various national and international AAL projects. Due to the advancing digitisation, new technologies are constantly added to the market or being developed through research projects – thus, it is not always easy to keep an overview. AAL Products therefore offers a concise online catalogue for assistive and smart technologies.


The aim of AAL Products

AAL Products wants to give providers of AAL products and services the opportunity to place their solutions free of charge. Older people and their relatives, but also professionals and managers from the care sector can see which suitable products and services are currently offered on the market.

Providers of AAL products and services can register their organisation on AAL Products and insert as many solutions as they wish. In addition to the description, the application functions must be maintained for each product. After a new solution has been added or an existing one has been updated, a quality check will be carried out. Only after approval will the solution be displayed on AAL Products in the selected categories. Due to regular quality checks, solution providers may be contacted. In addition, various evaluations are provided in a dashboard in the login area.

Older persons and their relatives as well as professionals from the care sector can, without registering, search for technologies according to their needs and find out about new developments on the market. To find the solutions they can

- navigate through the categories or the qualities of life on the left side of the page

- carry out a search by keyword

- carry out a search using the various dropdown menus (areas of application, languages, regions...).

In the technology and service descriptions, they can navigate directly to the provider's profile and get in touch there. The providers are solely responsible for the content of the product and service descriptions.

tAALxonomy classification scheme

For a clear presentation and transparent comparability of the different technologies, their structured presentation on the AAL Products website is based on the tAALxonomy classification scheme. The development of this scheme was funded within the framework of the benefit programme by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, and handled by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) (project number 846232, SYNYO GmbH, University of Innsbruck – Institute for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism, Eurac Research – Institute for Public Management).

Project website: http://www.tAALxonomy.eu

If you need assistance for the categorization of your solutions download these documents:


tAALxonomy Classification


Quality of life domains

In addition to the tAALxonomy classification scheme, products and services can also be inserted or searched for based on seven domains and subdomains of quality of life.